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Warranty on Optec SpA products is 12 months, as stated in the sale general conditions. Optec SpA has the following Return Material Authorization procedure:

  1. Before returning any item, please ask for a RMA-number, calling our QA department.
  2. Fill-in the form, clearly specifying the problems for each item and send this form together with the products.
  3. Important: the product should be labelled with the original label, which includes Part Number and Serial Number. If this information is missing, we cannot process the RMA.
  4. If the items have been tampered with or components are modified, warranty expires.
  5. Repairs under warranty are free of charge.
  6. In the case items are returned out of warranty or have been damaged by the customer, failure investigation costs will be charged.
  7. Repairs out of warranty will be evaluated and an Offer will be provided
  8. Items not in warranty, will be repaired only under regular PO based on the Offer.
  9. In the case missed PO, the items are shipped back 15 days after the proposed Offer.
Download the RMA's procedure in pdf click to download the certificate in pdf

Return Material Authorization

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